Volunteer Opportunities for the 2022-23 School Year! - We need your help!
Wed, Jun 15 4:39pm

School is almost out for the summer, but we’re planning for next year already, and we have some great opportunities for you!


We have a great group of parents that volunteer on our PTO Board.  Most of the Board positions are filled for the 22-23 school year (yay - and thank you to those who volunteered!) , but we are still looking for 2 Volunteer Coordinators to join the crew.  These volunteers recruit and organize helpers for PTO committees, Room Parents and events.  It’s a critical role, and we need 2 individuals to step up so we can continue to help parents and caretakers find the best way to plug into our Duffy community.  If interested, please reach out to Shannon Pecorelli or Tiffany Dammarell

NOTE: Shannon has been volunteering in this role for 3 years, and will still be at Duffy.  She is more than happy to answer questions and offer guidance to the new Volunteer Coordinators next year!


Looking for other ways to help out next year?  Check out this sign-up sheet!  There’s so many different ways to volunteer your time, and they all make a BIG difference. 


Thanks in advance, and we hope you have an amazing summer!