Thu, Apr 20 10:11pm

We are about to hit record-breaking goals with our Read-a-thon and it would not be possible without your support. THANK YOU! The most rewarding part has been the excitement in our children to read and have fun while making a positive impact on our school.  Let's keep it going!  Please see below for a helpful Q&A and email with any questions.


Q: I haven’t had the chance to register yet. Is there still time?

A: Absolutely! The Read-a-thon runs through Sunday, April 23rd. You may register, track minutes, and make donations through that date.


Q: Help! I don’t know how to register online.  How do I do it?

A: No problem. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the main fundraising page (QR code or website from the flyer).  
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom.  
  3. Under the Group Standings/Teacher names, there is a blue link that says, “add participant."  Click on that link and follow the steps (name, email, teacher etc.). 
  4. After, two links will be emailed to the address you provided.  One link will be your child’s fundraising page.  Another link will be your child’s personal page, which allows you to track minutes.  


Q: My child is registered, but how do I track their minutes online?

A: Follow the steps below.  If you still can't locate the tracking page, email and we will send it to you. 

  1. Locate the initial email 99Pledges sent after you registered.
  2. Click on the second link provided. This is your management page.
  3. Click on the “Track” tab and voila! You can insert your child’s minutes.


Q: How can my child’s class win a set of books?

A: The class per grade, which has the most minutes read during the Read-a-thon, will be able to select books for their classroom.


Q: How am I charged when a donation is made online?

A: Flat donations are charged right away. Pledges per minute will be charged at the conclusion of the Read-a-thon.