**RESCHEDULED** Nice White Parents Discussion Group
Thu, Sep 3 8:00pm
Edison Elementary
1 day before
*RESCHEDULED* to avoid conflict with District's Zoom Family Learning Conference.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee invites you to join our discussion on Monday, 8/24 at 8PM about Nice White Parents, a podcast about good intentions and the parents behind them. 

From the New York Times:
“We know American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education. Two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when Chana Joffe-Walt, a reporter, looked at inequality in education, she saw that most reforms focused on who schools were failing: Black and brown kids. But what about who the schools are serving? In this five-part series, she turns her attention to what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.”
Meeting ID: 939 3581 7836
Passcode: 743249