2021 Golden Sneaker
Tue, Mar 2 9:41pm

Golden Sneaker 2021


Get ready for Day 3 of the Great Otter Search!  Remember, the otters from Days 1 and 2 are still hiding so if you missed Monday and Tuesday, you can find them any day this week and through the weekend.  The clues for Days 1 - 3 are at the bottom of this message.  If you happen to take a picture with one of our otters, please upload it to the Edison Otter Pride Facebook page.  We're enjoying seeing pictures of all of our friends out searching for the otters!


If your Otters are still looking for walking and biking destinations, you can go find the local orange parking meters on Park Street. These meters collect coins and donations for programs for Alameda's unhoused residents. Here is a map of the locations:

Thanks to all for participating in this year's Walk & Roll Golden Sneaker event.
Otter Search Clues:

Day 1 

Head to Lincoln Park for the first hiding spot.  A simple start to this search - Let's see what you've got.  

A hint to get started, trees with roses around.  Otters don't always stick to the ground.


Day 2 

The next hiding spot should be easy to find; a magical place that helps feed your mind!

The children who go here are really quite cool.  Try searching the trees at Edison School.


Day 3 

We live on an Island in a bay by the sea, to be seen from a park down the street Liberty.

Look closely at rocks where the waters crash in, you’ll find a small cave that the otter hides in.