A Special Thank You for Tomorrow Youth Repertory (TYR)
Mon, Dec 16 8:14pm

Dear All,


Tomorrow Youth Repertory (TYR) is an amazing children's theater group based here in Alameda.   Many of you are familiar with TYR or have children who have performed with them so you know just how great this little theater company is. For those of you who are not familiar, check them out here: http://tomorrowyouthrep.org/ I encourage all of you to come watch the performances, your kids will enjoy it even if they are not performing in it! 


All 3 of  my kids have been a part of their program where they have learned so many life-skills I could write paragraphs about it. But I'll save that for another time. For now, I wanted to share another message: (Apologies if you have already received this message, we are trying to spread the word far and wide...)


TYR needs some love and we have 6 days to make it happen! With a little bit of you and a little bit of me -- we can make a big difference. We have a full match (employee match), so donations will go twice as far. Next Sunday, we will present a surprise check at their special teacher performance of Frozen at 1pm. Please join us in giving TYR a big gift as they have been the biggest gift ever for our kids. We will email everyone who donated the day before with the total raised!
Here's how to donate:
2. Send your donation either by PayPal, Venmo, or drop off cash or a check:
Venmo: Sarah-Henry-21, alamedabelle@gmail.com, or 415-279-7671
PayPal: alamedabelle@gmail.com or 415-279-7671
Cash/check: 3231 Bayo Vista Avenue (can put in the mailbox)
3. PLEASE SHARE BROADLY! We are not able to reach everyone TYR has touched and need your help to get the word out!
4. If you can, please come to the fundraising event next Sunday!
Thank you so much and happy holidays!!
Sarah Henry & Monica Sloan