AEF: Early Bird Pricing Ends at Midnight on Wednesday, Jan 31!
Sun, Jan 28 10:50pm

Hello Edison Families!

Are you considering signing your child(ren) up for the after school enrichment programs with AEF (Alameda Education Foundation) for the upcoming Winter and Spring sessions? The Enrichment program offers fun, educational after school classes. We have options daily, there is a class for everyone!!
Early Bird pricing ends Jan 31st at midnight; thereafter prices will increase by $10.

We offer most classes for students with adaptive needs Please let AEF know if your student with adaptive needs would like to take enrichment classes. We will do our best to work with you to make that happen. Please email for more information. If a student needs a one-on-one paraprofessional during the school day, they can also work with them during the enrichment class. The assistance may be arranged by AEF or the parent/guardian. The parent must contact AEF a minimum of 2 weeks before the program starts to coordinate this.



Scholarships are available!!! Does your family qualify for McKinney-Vento, Alameda Point Collaborative, AUSD Free & Reduced Lunch Program, CalFresh (a.k.a. California Food Assistance Program or CFAP), SNAP??? Please request a scholarship! Click here and fill out the online form!

Also, Thanks to Power Up For Learning, a fundraising partnership between AEF and Alameda Municipal Power, AEF is able to offer scholarships to qualified students who take AEF classes in the STEM fields, like LEGO, Coding, Science, Chess, Carpentry and more!


There are some exciting classes with spots left such as:


Aloha Ukulele (Winter session - starts 2/7) Ukulele will be provided!!! From 1-3rd grade but please let me know if your 4th or 5th grader is interested!:
Aloha Ukulele takes students on a musical journey through the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The keiki, meaning “little ones,” will learn how to play songs on their ukulele while also learning the art, language and traditions of Hawaii. In addition to musical activities, students will have the opportunity to create flower lei, bead art, and other creative projects.
Creative Chinese class: Taught by an Edison mom!! (Winter session - started on 1/25 but a few spots left!)
"All the fun happens while we are immersed in Mandarin! Our creative Chinese classes are engaging and educational lessons. We combine Chinese language learning with hands-on activities. We believe in learning language through meaningful content. Our storybooks are not only entertaining, but also serve as an excellent platform to reinforce vocabulary, sentence structure, overall comprehension, and listening skills. The students actively participate in discussions related to the story.

Each week we read a theme-based storybook, and do worksheets and activities based on them, like singing songs, acting, playing games, doing arts and crafts, cooking, and writing. The activities are not only incredibly fun but also allow the students to apply their language skills in a practical context.

Our students develop lifelong interests in Mandarin Chinese, and continue to show enthusiasm and dedication to learning, which is truly valuable. See April’s programs and testimonials at"
Chess (Winter and Spring): 
Topics to be covered include chessboard terminology and square identification; how the various pieces move and capture, plus their relative values; pawn promotion; the very crucial concepts of check, checkmate, and stalemate; the special move of castling; opening goals and principles; basic endgame checkmates using major pieces; and last, but not least, good chess etiquette.
and many more!!!

All AEF classes are taught by experts in their fields and classes are kept small. 


Thank you, 
Glauce Silva 
Alameda Education Foundation Coordinator and Parent Volunteer (Elise's mom) - Edison Elementary School