Are you a baker? Quilter? ... Seeking Community Provided Auction Items!
Mon, Feb 10 7:08pm

Hi All-


We are seeking community-provided auction items. These are items that make an auction unique and fun. It also builds community and brings in a lot of money for our awesome little school. 


Here are some examples of community provide auction items:


- home-made cookies delivered to your house each month for a year

- fresh, organic veggies delivered to your house each month for 

- custom designed, specialized birthday cake or cupcakes

- tutoring/music/etc. lessons 

- Tour and Lunch at Google/Pixar/etc.

- customized quilt

- etc.!


These are just a few ideas! You can get as creative as you'd like! If you are able to donate something, please let us know!


Thanks so much!


Your Auction Donation Team,


Jen, Lucia, Amy and Monica