Art Docent - How to Sign Up
Sun, Aug 25 4:02pm

Hello Art Docents! We are getting ready for a fun year ahead! Please remember to add your name to your classroom on the Art Docent Committee for this school year. If you already added yourself, double check that you are still there (we just cleaned out old sign-ups).

For the Konstella website: Go to "Committees" on the left-hand menu. On the new page, scroll down to "Youth Enrichment". "Art Docent" is the second committee down. Click on the orange button the right, then on the next page, look for your teacher's name to sign up.

For the Konstella app: Click on "Directory" at the bottom. On the new page, select "Browse Committees". Scroll down to "Youth Enrichment” and find "Art Docent". Click on the orange button. On the next page, scroll to find your teacher to sign-up.

Your Art Docent Co-Chairs