Bike to School Day = Bike to Wherever Day!
Thu, Sep 24 2:00pm-4:00pm
Edison Elementary

Edison Walk & Roll is celebrating Bike to Wherever Day this THURSDAY, September 24, by offering some suggested bike or rolling routes as well as mini-prizes to encourage our riders to hop on their bikes and get outdoors!  Remember to Be Alert, Be Smart, Be Visible and Be Safe.  Please review safe biking tips with your child before heading out.  

Getting to School Safely Tips


Reminder, masks and social distancing are required.





The Walk & Roll team will be located along the Versailles Slow Street between Lincoln and Buena Vista on Thursday between 2 - 4pm.   Complete the basic (Route 1), intermediate (Route 2) or challenge ride (Route 3) below ANY DAY BEFORE THURSDAY and then pick up your mini-prize at the Edison station!



Alameda Bicycle is a stop you won't want to miss!  Stop by Alameda Bicycle on Thursday between 3 and 6 pm for a special cold treat for kids and a Bike to Wherever Day musette bag for adults.


Bike Route 1 (BASIC) - Edison Perimeter

Thursday between 2 and 4 pm

This route is for kids on scooters or small bikes who prefer to ride on the sidewalk

Take a lap or two or three or as many as you can do around Edison

Stop by the Walk & Roll Table between 2 - 4 and tell us how many laps you've done!


Bike Route 2 (INTERMEDIATE) - Versailles Slow Street and beyond

Thursday between 2 and 4 pm

This route is for kids and parents who want a bit more but the Fort Awesome challenge ride is too far/too much time

Start on Versailles at Fernside and ride the slow street out to Encinal Avenue

On the way back take a detour if you feel like exploring the Edison school zone

Turn right on Gibbons

Turn right on Johnson Avenue

Left on Court Street

Left on Lincoln Avenue

Turn Right on Gibbons and then veer right onto Southwood Drive

Curve around Southwood and at the stop sign, proceed onto Northwood

Curve around Northwood

Right onto Buena Vista

Left onto Versailles and stop in at the Walk & Roll table!


Bike Route 3 (CHALLENGE) - Fort Awesome!

This route is for riders who can go the distance.  It can be completed anytime up to Thursday afternoon

Hop in the bike lane anywhere along Fernside Blvd.

Hop off your bike and press the flashing light crossing at San Jose Ave

Walk your bike across Fernside and hop into the protected Cycle Track

Ride Across the Blue Bridge to Bay Farm Island and Turn Right

Head across the boardwalk path and onto the Bay Farm bike/ped path

Fort Awesome is the Driftwood Fort along the shoreline before you get to the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal.

Look for a colored ribbon tied somewhere on the Fort.  DO NOT REMOVE the ribbon!

On Thursday, stop by the Walk & Roll Table between 2 -4 and tell us what color the ribbon is!