Bookopoly Read-A-Thon Preliminary Results
Fri, Oct 14 1:48pm

Otters! Our amazing, wonderfully generous and supportive community did it AGAIN - we smashed our fundraising goal of $50,000, beat last year’s result (which was a record high) and raised a MIND-BLOWING $87,900!!!  What a way to mark the 10-year anniversary of this fun literacy-building tradition, along with an incredibly successful Book Fair organized by Ms. Boese.


Check out these impressive stats:


  • 279 of students (64%) participated by recording minutes read and/or fundraising

  • 191,184 minutes (3,186 hours) read in total 

    • That’s 133 straight days of reading!

  • 1st grade had the highest participation rate (84%!!!) AND raised the most funds

    • Kindergarten, 4th and 3rd grades also raised impressive amounts

  • Strong Shop & Donate proceeds from Books, Inc - $420 (higher than last year) even with a week of Book Fair activities

    • Tomatina and Tucker’s results TBD


Thank you SO MUCH for encouraging your students to read and support our school! We were so touched to see how energetic our Otters were with tracking with the Bookopoly board, completing Reading Railroad activities, letting their imaginations run wild with the Community Chest/Chance Mad Libs, and replenishing their home libraries with books from the Book Fair.  Special thanks to our graphic designer extraordinaire Kaytee Miller, Julia Berger, Sylvia Cascallar, Brittany Gentile, Scott Grieder, and Cheryl Chi for all of their help to make this event so incredible.


What’s next?

Numbers are being finalized through this weekend. Individual, class, Reading Railroad drawing winners will be announced next week, and prizes will be sent home shortly thereafter. We are also working on the dunktastic surprise with Mr. Sahakian, so stay tuned!


With immense gratitude,


Elaine Cline, Serena Hom, and Charlise Tiee

PTA Read-A-Thon Co-Chairs