Come Join us for End of the Year Collaborative Fence Weaving Starting Friday May 21st!
Fri, May 21 10:43am

Edison End of Year Collaborative Fence Weaving!


Together, to mark the close of the 2020/21 school year we will create a giant fence weaving on our chain link fence bordering the yard on Pearl St. Fence weaving has been used in communities around the world as a collaborative community event, something to beautify a site, and something just plain fun to do! We’ll need everyone’s help to really make it something to behold. 



The fence will be set up with rolls of flagging tape to use for weaving by students and staff at Edison, in addition to any community members who pass by. Everyone is welcome to take a length of tape and weave it in and out of the fence, creating a pattern or picture (remember to tie an end to the fence in a double knot). Add to what is there, or create your own extension of the pattern. In addition, a few black Sharpies will be on site for messages and thoughts to be written on the tape, if desired. 




The fence weaving will start Friday, May 21st with a basic pattern. Please come by and add to it to help it grow! It can only grow if everyone pitches in. As always, remember to practice proper social distancing and wash your hands when you’re done. 


Let’s see what we can create together in the last weeks of school!