Community Meeting
Bi-Weekly on and Tuesdays from Sep 25, 2018
Edison Elementary

The Community Meeting is a way for everyone at Edison to come together.  We will listen to the principal say a few words, recognize the students that have received Otter Cards, conduct the Morning Show "live" on the blacktop, and recite our "Otter Be's" as a school.  After the meeting, students that were recognized will come forward to receive a certificate.  Parents will have an opportunity for parents to take a photo.

Students should arrive at their class line at 8:15 AM. Teachers will walk them to their designated area at the Community Meeting location between the portables. Parents will stand behind the student area. Community Meetings will be held every other Tuesday morning. 

*Please note: Kindergartners will not be joining the Community Meeting as of yet. They will join later in the year.

Thank you!