Edison Day at Crown Beach - Thanks and Raffle Winners!
Mon, May 23 6:21pm
Thank you to everyone who made it down to Crown Beach on Saturday for the first Edison Day at Crown Beach!  It was a great time and wonderful to see so many Edison families gathering after so very long!
We wanted to thank all those who helped us put the afternoon together!  Thanks to Jennifer Hart and Jennifer Patterson for their amazing face painting and to Roxane Chicoine for creating such stylish graphics and flyers!  Thanks to Hoon Kim and Evan Sparks for all their day of help with food pick up, set up and clean up!  Additional thanks to Rick and Karena Breslin, Beth Meyer, Stephen Wolf, Sara Tomichek, Michelle Dunn Ruiz, Glauce Silva Meier, Liz Westbrook Treece, Devon Treece, Erick Taylor and Jake Olsen!
Also, thanks to the amazing local businesses who offered us generous discounts on their foods to supply us with tasty items to share!  A big thanks to Crispian Bakery, Homeskillet, High Street Station, Tahina and Alameda Island Brewing!
Additional thanks to the generous local business who donated for our raffle prizes: Magpie and Thorn, The Sewing Room, Encinal Nursery, Toy Safari, Ole's Waffles and Alameda Bicycle!
Katie and I also want to give a big thanks to the Edison PTA and Lauren Klaffky and her leadership to encourage and support this event!
Finally, here are the winning raffle numbers!  Prizes are at the office, please give Nicci or Lucia the number associated with your price and they will hand out (thank you, Nicci and Lucia!).
1) Ole’s Waffle Shop $20 - TICKET 566030
2) Magpie & Thorn $75 - TICKET 566048
3) Encinal Nursery potted succulent arrangement $40 value - TICKET 566011
4) Toy Safari $10 - TICKET 566033
5) Stitch/The Sewing Room $30 (3 separate certificates at $30!)
A  - TICKET 566019
B  - TICKET 566042
C  - TICKET 566066
6) Alameda Bicycle $50 - TICKET 566057
Thank you!
Courtney Bergin and Katie Sparks
Edison Day at Crown Memorial Co-Chairs