FINAL Read-A-Thon numbers and student recognitions
Fri, Nov 5 9:38am

The final numbers are in!  These have been updated after counting some late-coming entries, because we want to recognize all students who read and participated. 


  • 295 students participated in the Read-A-Thon by recording their reading time on Pledgestar or fundraising.  Kindergarten had a whopping 62 students who participated (that’s 84% of the grade!), followed by 51 students in 1st grade (73%). Way to go, kindergarten and 1st graders!
  • $78,385 in donations were raised to support our awesome school.  Kindergarten raised the most in donations – over $20,000!  3rd and 1st grades were tied for second place with ~$13,000 each.
  • 3,220 hours were read by Edison students over the course of 2 weeks.  2nd graders and kindergarteners had the most students reach their grades' reading goals (10 hours and 8 hours, respectively): 33 2nd graders and 30 kindergarteners reached those goals
  • 360 Reading Bingo entries were counted across the 2 weeks.  While announced previously, congratulations again to the following Bingo raffle winners: Mason Foster, Olivia Onori, Xander Brown, Colette Fiero, Eleanor Iyer, Luca Alves, Raquel Molina, Vivian Hart, Pierce Chi, Johnson Chan, Dylan Sloan, and Anjali Stephens


We would like to recognize the following students for being a top reader or top fundraiser in their grade:



- Top 2 fundraisers in kindergarten: Toby Cline and Kenzo Burns

- Top 3 readers in each kindergarten class: Logan Chan, Adeline De Sloover, Nikolai Pouliot, Magnus Morgan, Thea Tatarevic, Edith Esguerra, Silas Nelson, Kenzo Burns, and Joanna Sargent


1st grade

- Top 2 fundraisers in 1st grade: Amelia Kania and Pierce Chi

- Top 3 readers in each 1st grade class: Sydney Talevich, Pierce Chi, Gisele Cheung, Merritt Lockwood, Malani Fallau, Skylar Marshall, Kate Briggs, Morris Robertson, and Jackson Guarnieri


2nd grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 2nd grade: Theo Tiee-Grieder and Ren Kotler

  - Top 3 readers in each 2nd grade class: Enya Dmyterko, Noah Sweeney, Charlie Iyer, Rani Steegers Ghosh, Aoife Haley Nelson, Ren Kotler, Carina Clover, Theo Tiee-Grieder, and Zane Berger-Azeve


3rd grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 3rd grade: Charlie Varner and Noah Cline

  - Top 3 readers in each 3rd grade class: Theo Lok, Josephine Navarro, Jackson Hartman, Javier Espinoza, Noah Cline, Lenora King, Dhilan Gerke, Jane Grunt, and Cameron Finucane


4th grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 4th grade: Blake Fowler and Oslo Dunbar

  - Top 3 readers in each 4th grade class: Holly Sojka, Adeline Searcy, Logan Tamblin, Oslo Dunbar, Anna Diaz and Kai Steegers Ghosh


5th grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 5th grade: Keira Breslin and Hunter Hancock

  - Top 3 readers in each 5th grade class: Arianna Espinoza, Anjali Stephens, Abigail Rome, Jonah Kittredge, Michael Stephens, Luca Alves, Issac Lee, Esme Haley Nelson and Xinxing Li


There are still some checks and corporate matches that we know will be trickling in, and those amounts have been counted toward each student's total donation raised.


Student prizes are being sent home TODAY!! 


Once again, GREAT JOB to all students who participated, and we hope everyone continue to have fun with reading.  THANK YOU to all the families, teachers and staff who made this Read-A-Thon a memorable one!  


With gratitude,

Elaine & the Read-A-Thon Committee