Final Read-A-Thon Numbers and Student Recognition
Mon, Oct 30 11:25am
  • 320 students participated in the Read-A-Thon by recording their reading time on Pledgestar or fundraising (compared to 289 last year).
  • Of those, 198 students met and exceeded their grade-level reading goals (a 2% increase vs last year).
  • Kindergarten and 2nd grades had the highest participation levels – 87% and 76%, respectively.  They also had the highest % of students who hit their reading goals – 56% and 59%, respectively.  Way to go, Kindergartners and 2nd graders!!
  • 4,074 hours were read by Edison students over the course of 2 weeks (a 16% increase vs last year).
    • That’s almost 170 days!
  • $83,457.94 in donations were raised to support our awesome school! This includes outstanding checks and per minute pledges, so please make sure you get those to us as soon as you can!  2nd grade raised the most in donations – nearly $18,000!  Kindergarten raised the second most with ~$15,000 and 1st grade was third with over $12,000.
  • There were 162 people who entered the Reading Challenge Badges. Congratulations to these winners, who will each receive a book by Kate Schatz: Roan Chakrabarti, Miles Onorato, Alix August, Iola Brooks, Kyle Gow, Max Arechiga Arias, and Lenora King.
  • We also made a record amount from our Dine and Donate Event at Tomatina of $406 (compared to $261.73 last year).

We would like to recognize the following students for being a top reader or top fundraiser in their grade:



- Top 2 fundraisers in Kindergarten:  Colette Beirne and Adam Wasson

- Top 3 readers in each kindergarten class: Braydon Norris, Asher Savage, Aliyah Magudia, Isaiah Mieler, Gemma Fraser, Leon Sadeghipour, Finley Chang, Gianna Onori, and Nandin Munkhsugar


1st grade

- Top 2 fundraisers in 1st grade: Ellison Gould-Bailey and Maeve O’Connor 

- Top 3 readers in each 1st grade class: Carter Chung, Rosie Tiee-Grieder, Séverine Colas, Alice Moffat, Benjamin Lew, Theodore Chu, Sam Kellogg, Brynn Hanelt, and Miles Onorato


2nd grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 2nd grade: Adeline De Sloover and Kyla Kevlin

  - Top 3 readers in each 2nd grade class: Silas Nelson, Kenzo Burns, Xoaquin Silva, Joanna Sargent, Elise Meier, Henry Mieler, David Diaz, Haakon Adams, and Maxine Treece


3rd grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 3rd grade: Pierce Chi and Rona Smith

  - Top 3 readers in each 3rd grade class: Kate Briggs, Alana Flores, Charlie Matella, Olivia Onori, Jackson Guarnieri, Nikolai Shereshevsky, Iola Brooks, Pragyan Rajaram, and Pierce Chi


4th grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 4th grade: Ellie Kuhlmann and Theo Tiee-Grieder

  - Top 3 readers in each 4th grade class: Noemi Nguyen, Jordi Sole, Zane Berger-Azevedo, Rosalind Wongsmith, Carina Clover, Theo Tiee-Grieder, Anna Brito, and Alvin Choi


5th grade

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 5th grade:  Noah Cline and Alessa Arechiga Arias

  - Top 3 readers in each 5th grade class: Erkhembilig Munkhsugam, Noah Edson, Josephine Navarro, Renzo Alves, Ruby Williams, Noah Cline, and Silas Onorato


Special Day

  - Top fundraiser AND reader: Max Arechiga Arias


We had a fun community celebration this morning and prizes are going home today and tomorrow!


Once again, GREAT JOB to all students who participated, and THANK YOU to all the families, teachers, and staff for supporting our students!


With gratitude,

The Read-A-Thon committee