Garden Plant Sale Success!
Thu, May 5 11:18pm

It is with incredible excitement that I share the Garden Plant Sale Fundraiser from this past weekend. We raised $4,200!!!  Thank you to all the customers, our volunteer growers, business donors, and silent auction item (Edison Dad’s club) who made our first year's fundraiser such a success.

Here are some impressive stats:

450 plants and flowers were germinated by Edison students and parents

70 Tomato plants were donated from Alameda Backyard Growers

85 House Plants + Succulent cuttings were donated from Habitat Horticulture

18’ long worth of succulents was propagated by Edison parents and mystery donor from the community.

17 Oak Trees were donated by a mystery Edison parent and now the trees have found new grounds in St. Helena to help replace oak trees lost to wildfires in Sonoma County.

A total of 40 plants, flowers, house plants, and succulents were given to our Edison teachers and staff this week. We appreciate you!!!

25+ plants went back into our garden this week. Look forward to harvesting tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, butternut squash, Chinese kale, basil, strawberry, lettuce, chrysanthemum, beans and rainbow chard this summer.

The remaining 100+ plants, seeds, and succulents will be donated to Otis School for their plant sale this weekend. May 7-8 From 9a-1p. Located at 3107 Filmore St (across from Otis).


The funds we raised will go towards supporting garden education and maintenance activities, such as:

Garden Educator

Edison entrance beautification project

Inner courtyard vegetable beds repair

Monthly garden maintenance

Lunch recess projects

New irrigation system

Garden tools

Seeds & plants


Garden Supplies


Special thanks to the following volunteers, growers, and donors for all your help to make this sale so successful.


Edison Students

Michellee Chen

Cheryl Chi

Lydia Dorrance

Emma Finley

Caryn Hoadley

Lebbonee Kittredge

Emil Meek

Danielle Mieler

Caley Simpson

Danny De Sloover

Jeff Smith

Kat Smith

Tammy Tsao



Habitat Horticulture

Alameda Backyard Growers



Marco Alves

Luca Alves

Renzo Alves

Mark Cline

Alma Freeman

Emil Meek

Kaytee Miller

Kathy Radez

Jeanine Sidran

Katie Sparks

Regina Tran



Tammy Tsao


PTA Garden Science Chair