Golden Sneaker Week 1
Mon, Mar 7 6:14pm

Golden Sneaker Update - Week 1 from Mr. Sahakian

Here are the totals for Week 1 of the Golden Sneaker campaign (walking and rolling to school):

· Schoolwide, 73% of students walked or rolled to school! By far, most families walked to school last week!

· 4 classes had 90% or more of their students walking or rolling last week and are in the lead regarding the Golden Sneaker contest, including:

o Room 10, Ms. Dunn-Ruiz (Kindergarten)

o Room 7, Ms. Dodge (1st Grade)

o Room 13, Ms. Myovich (2nd Grade)

o Room 3, Ms. Isola (3rd Grade)

Thanks to everyone for your participation…looking forward to another great week of walking and rolling to school!