HERE WE GO | It's Edison Climate Week, Oct. 19-23rd!!
Sun, Oct 18 12:28pm
HERE WE GO OTTERS... Our first ever Edison Climate Week is here, Oct. 19-23rd!
Given everything we've gone through this summer and fall, related to the environment and human health, Edison's Go Green and Bike, Walk & Roll PTA committees have been working closely with our teachers and staff to launch this special week for Edison students and families. It is timed to also coincide with Intl Walk & Roll Week across Alameda County.
What are our Goals for Climate Week?
1) Raise awareness around climate change and encourage community engagement, in light of recent wildfires and poor air quality bringing this to the forefront.
2) Educate our youth, provide learning opportunities and promote environmental literacy.
3) Maintain a sense of "normal" by embracing Fall activities and keeping traditions -- i.e. Fall Sneaker Drive, Walk & Roll events, and more.
4) Celebrate Edison's new status as a US Dept of Education "Green Ribbon School" - We did it. Let's walk the walk and encourage others!
What is planned for Climate Week? Lots of great activities, events and learning.
  • ALL WEEK | In VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS - Edison Teachers K-5 + Art, Garden & Music leads will be incorporating climate-themed lessons and practices.
  • ALL WEEK | Bike, Walk & Roll - International Walk & Roll Week (sponsored by Safe Routes to Schools); Fun events will be underway families can take part in at their own pace
  • ALL WEEK | Bike, Walk & Roll - Word Scramble Scavenger Hunt (like last spring!) This will be a climate-themed walk & roll hunt around Edison neighborhoods 
  • ALL WEEK | Fall Sneaker Drive is back! - This year we are teaming up with ALL TYPES OF USED SHOES can be donated (details below).
  • Mon, Oct. 19 | Meatless Monday - All students encouraged to understand, write or talk about the impact that meat consumption has on our climate, and why this matters.
  • Wed, Oct. 21 | Green Otters Student Club - First meeting of the year (more info to come for student members involved).
  • Thurs, Oct. 22 | Green Spirit Day - Every Otter wears GREEN to their zoom classes to show their climate spirit!
  • Sun., Oct 25 | Fall / Winter Sports SWAP - (2nd Annual) In the name of "Re-use" students & families will have the opportunity to clean closets, size-up, trade clothes, gear & equipment for FREE; You need not bring anything to shop either. Open to everyone at Edison. Leftover items to be donated. (details below)
  • Sun., Oct 25 | Fall Book SWAP - This year... we're adding BOOKS!!! Bring books, trade books, find books. Re-use is the way. Leftover books to be donated. (details below)
More details are below. Reminders will be sent out all week.
In the meantime, as we say here at Edison "You Otter Be Green".  Let's all do our best to drive less, walk more, enjoy this week's clean air -- and get excited for this climate-forward week ahead of us!
Feel free to contact the following PTA leads with any questions:
Edison Go Green Co-Chairs: 
Debi Ryan ( or Jeanine Sidran (
Edison Bike, Walk & Roll Chair: 
Cecca Puccini (
Where to Drop-off Sneakers/Shoes & SWAP Items
Fall Sneaker Drive*
ALL WEEK (Oct. 19-23rd)
Sneakers or Shoes must be placed in a PLASTIC BAG (reuse!) and can be dropped-off at ANY of the following locations:
  • 2711 Buena Vista Avenue (driveway, across from Edison)
  • 2509 Encinal Avenue (driveway)
  • 1623 High Street (driveway)
  • Alameda Free Library - Bay Farm and Main branches (8:30am - 5pm)
  • The Spinning Bones Boneyard on Park St/San Jose - box will be inside the gate
*This year, Earhart & Otis will be joining forces with Edison in this sustainably-driven school wide effort!
Fall / Winter Sports & Book SWAP
SWAP Event  (Sun, Oct. 25th, 10am-12pm)
Location -- corner of Lincoln & Versailles St (grassy area outside Edison play structure) 
Drop-off's - ALL WEEK:
Good condition items can be dropped-off at the following locations NOW thru 10/25 at 9am (or bring to the SWAP by 10am):
  • Fall or Winter Sports Clothes, Jackets, Shoes or Gear & Equipment - 2938 Northwood Drive @ Buena Vista/Northwood (Anne's porch)
  • Books - 1716 Versailles St (Melissa's porch)