Hosted Parties 2024
Tue, Jan 23 8:55am

Edison Families,


Tickets are now on sale here for the upcoming PTA Spring Auction fundraiser. Get yours today before they sell out! Another way you can support is by helping host a party


In the past, Hosted Parties has been hands down, one of the best auction categories. Edison parents, or a group of parents, host a themed party at their home or other venue and then auction off tickets to attend. It could be a small quiet gathering or elaborate extravaganza. Your choice! Host families cover the costs and everyone has a blast. It’s also great community building and a nice way to meet Otter families.


Past awesome events include Tiki & Tacos, Karaoke at the Fireside, Moms Cocktail Night at Hob Nob, Kids Nerf & Pizza Party, A Night of Greek Wines, BAE Boat & Bubbles, Intro to Climbing at Touchstone, and Ribs & Poker Night. Check out more ideas here


Fill out this form once you have the party deets. Need help brainstorming or answering your questions, email  Emily Grunt. Deadline to submit final Hosted Parties is Monday, February 26.


Thank you!