Immediate Auction Volunteer Positions Needed
Mon, Nov 12 9:38am
Edison Elementary

Immediate Auction Volunteer Positions Needed

Donation Requestors - 1 additional volunteer needed to work with Monica and Amy
Plan and conduct donation request efforts: contact local and non-local donors via mail/email/online submission forms, or to visit businesses in person; enter donation info in online system or communicate info to Online Auction Admin; send thank you letters. (Work can be down at home - via sending email requests or filling out online forms. Donation request letter template is available).
Sponsorship Coordinator - 2 volunteers needed
Plan sponsorship benefits (you can use the previous year's); Reach out to potential sponsors and parents with connections to potential sponsors; oversee sponsorship promotion before and during the event. (Much like requesting donations - donations are straight money rather than a physical item; work can be done by home via emails, etc.)
Hosted Party Coordinator - 2 volunteers needed
Gather ideas for parties; help with final selection; liaison with party hosts, advise on guidelines; set schedule; communicate winners to party hosts. (We have a list of party ideas available and I can connect you to other volunteers who have done this in the past)
Please contact Monica Sloan with any specific questions.