Konstella Summer Archive
Fri, Aug 7
Edison Elementary
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Konstella Archive This Summer

Every summer, right before Packet Pickup**, Konstella information is archived so that we are able to start the new year refreshed and ready to join our new classrooms.  Please note that all past information in Konstella will still be available, but you will have to select the school year from the drop down in the search box. To avoid this hassle, we recommend downloading any desired photos or other information early this summer.

This August at Packet Pickup, don’t forget to select the classroom for each of your students so that you can see who will be in their class with them - and to hear from the teacher and/or room parent as early as possible.   Also, don’t forget to update your Committee sign-ups and see if there are any new committees that you would like to join!


**Please note that Packet Pickup final details have not been finalized.