Lunch & Recess Buddies
Edison Elementary
1 day before, 3 days before

Parents and Grandparents are needed to help our kids during lunch and recess - extra eyes and hands to make the process of eating , drinking, playing and making safe trips to the restroom possible. For anyone working from home, consider signing up weekly, bi-weekly, or at least monthly to engage in the dynamics of your child's world away from home. Your presence is essential to our students well-being.

Sign up on-line, check in to the office for a sticker, get a vest from the PTA metal drawer, head to your child's  area - lunch or blacktop, and check in with a supervising staff.  Check in with all students in a section, not just your own as possible. You can stay on the blacktop/courtyard or switch with them.  After they head to their classroom, check in with the supervising staff as possible, then put your vest back in the PTA drawer. Thank you! We can never have too many Lunch Buddies on any day! If you are available last minute, just show up. 

If each family can do participate 5 times this year, the happiness quotient would rise greatly in the classrooms after lunch/recess tremendously.  Parent/family involvement during the day for our Otters - that's how we build community!