Lunch & Recess Buddy Sign-up Sheet
Edison Elementary, Lunch and Recess Areas
1 day before, 2 days before

Our students need your time and love during the lunch period and recess, especially as we kick off a new school year!  Please sign up to volunteer as a lunch buddy for our Otters. 


We have a Lunch Buddy info page, which can be found right on our website ( It is also available in the office on the vest drawer cabinet, as well as on the fence in the courtyard.



Serve as a lunch buddy, either at the lunch tables or on the playground!  Lunch table supervisors will offer help to open food and beverages, give permission for the bathroom and/or water fountain use, and be there to offer smiles and encouragement to get nourished before they head out to recess or back to the classroom.  Follow your child to Recess and support positive behaviors on the playground and encourage our Otters to be safe, respectful, and friendly. Check in with Monica Sloan on the blacktop. Or, start at Recess if your child is in grade 3-5, then follow to the lunch area.


If your child does not want you in that area, switch it up and help the other students during this time. We still need and want you!


K-2 Lunch, then Recess

3-5 Recess, then Lunch

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


Friendly adults in our community!  If parents are unavailable, what about grandparents or other family?


Sign in at the office. Get name tag & vest. If Recess Buddy, go to the blacktop & find Monica Sloan & check in with her. If Lunch Buddy, go to the lunch table courtyard, and check in with the Principal or Teacher overseeing lunch.


1) The students desperately need your time.  This is when teachers eat and are not supervising your kids. Ideally, we would have 6-8 parents at EVERY lunch, especially at the beginning of the year.  You may think it's just the kinders who need help, but it's also the 4th and 5th graders who are growing fast and need more food - thus permission to go back to the cafeteria or food share table for more food.


2) This is the easiest way to meet the other kids your child spends their days with, to observe kids in their natural social setting, and learn about what your kid actually does at lunch. 


Sign up for a shift on Konstella.


New Supports for Recess: Playworks

This year Edison will collaborate with an on-site Playworks recess expert to empower the recess team. The Playworks TeamUp service partners with elementary schools by providing an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and empower a sustainable recess program. Brandon Long, our Site Coordinator, will spend a week each month at Edison and will lead, support, and empower the recess team—including a lead Recess Coach (Monica) to create a safe, inclusive playground for all students.For more information on Playworks, check out: Or contact Monica for more information: