Open Role: AEF Coordinator
Tue, Jan 10 9:37pm
Alameda Education Foundation is looking for a new parent coordinator for the Edison after school enrichment program. Volunteering with the program insures the classes continue as they positively benefit the children.  Without volunteers our program will disappear.
Coordinators are responsible for organizing the schedule, making sure each class has a location on campus, sending out contracts to each instructor, and sending emails to the parents reminding them of upcoming classes. It is also recommended for the coordinator to meet the after school instructor at least one time, especially on their first day of teaching to help get them acquainted and make sure everything runs smoothly. You also receive a stipend from the Alameda Education Foundation as a "thank you" for your help in managing the program. 
It's pretty easy to do and most of the work is done away from campus.  If you are interested or would like to find out more information please email Rachel Plato Program Coordinator at  The fall season is currently underway and we need HELP!
Thank you,
Rachel Plato