PTA Message on Possible COVID case and Kindness to Each Other
Thu, Mar 18 12:35pm

Dear Edison families,

As you heard on Tuesday, our Edison community experienced a cohort quarantine due to a possible COVID case on campus the first day children returned to school. Many of us have questions about what happened, the protocols that were followed, and how to prevent this happening again. Our PTA has reached out to the district and school board to share parent concerns and to request a response for our community.

At this time, when anxiety levels may be high, it is important that we remember to be kind to each other as a community and to avoid placing blame or stoking anger. The district is engaging in robust testing and inevitably there will be more positive test results in our schools. This occurrence at Edison is an opportunity for us as families to show support for each other, to show respect for each others’ privacy, and to model empathy and resilience for our students when these situations arise.

This is also a good time to remember how to talk with our children about COVID and quarantines and how to deal with the disruption and anxiety that this may cause. We hope that our school district will provide resources for us in this area, but in the meantime, we encourage families to review the CDC guidelines on talking to children about COVID and incorporate that discussion into your ongoing family conversations as well as reaching out to your teacher or pediatrician for more guidance when in doubt.

If you have questions or further concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Principal or district staff who are working hard to be of service to our community and support us at this time.

Cameron Holland

Edison PTA President