Pardi Gras Is More Than Just A Party: A Note From PTA on Why the Auction Matters So Much To Our Kids
Wed, Mar 13 11:17am
Edison Elementary
Dear Edison Families, 
You've been hearing a lot about Pardi Gras, our upcoming Edison Spring Auction and Gala.  This is a fabulous party, and we want each of you to attend!  
But this is more than just a party; it's also a vitally important fundraising event that will shape your children's educational experience.  Today, we write to tell you about why the auction is so important to Edison.  This is a complicated topic, but we want you to understand just how important PTA fundraising is, and why the auction matters so much to all of us at Edison. 
PTA Fundraising is Essential to a Quality Edison Education
As you all know, AUSD (like many districts in California) is facing major funding constraints.  What does that mean for Edison?  It means that Edison's annual discretionary funding from the district -- which has never been large -- is now smaller than ever.  With this extremely modest sum, Edison is expected to pay for everything "extra" - from support staff to classroom aides to paper and pencils to classroom Kleenex to field trips to science materials.  It is impossible for Edison to pay for even a fraction of these items with this discretionary funding.  
That's where parent fundraising and the PTA comes in. The PTA funds everything at Edison that the district doesn't. This includes art, garden science, music, PE equipment, field trips, library books, technology, school counseling, Chromebooks, assemblies, academic supplies, and much more.

We sometimes are asked if the PTA or parents could just give money directly to teachers to raise their salaries.  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  As part of California PTA, we cannot fund regular teacher salaries - nor add to their salary.  However, the PTA can and does provide essential other services for our school, freeing up district money to be used for teacher salaries.  
We also are sometimes asked if the PTA really needs more money.  In a word - yes.  The Edison community has been extraordinarily generous with time, talents, and dollars over the years.  But the recent AUSD budget issues are seriously impacting our school. There's so much we could do to invest in our school! With additional funding, the PTA could:
  • Fund additional staff positions, including reading  or math intervention aides, general classroom aides, and recess monitors

  • Pay for evidence-based social-emotional curriculum that will bully-proof our school

  • Pay for an Art Instructor (like our Garden Science teacher) to help lead our Art Docent curriculum

  • Invest in the physical plant of our school with upgraded shade structures and air filters for classrooms during poor air quality days

The Auction Is Edison's Single Most Important Fundraiser 
As you can see, raising funds is critical to education at Edison.  So why an auction? Because it is the biggest fundraiser for our school, bringing in over half of our income for the PTA Budget!  Our auction and party event is almost entirely based on volunteers, community donations, and sponsorships. We do pay for some things - like the venue and caterer -- but the things we pay for are necessary to put on an event such as ours, and most are discounted.
We have, in the past, attempted to raise sufficient PTA funds without an auction; those efforts have failed. Even now, the vast majority of our funding is raised through the auction, rather than through direct donations or even the Readathon. In short, an auction is the single-best way to raise money for our kids.

The Auction has also been an incredible community-building opportunity for Edison families.  It's a party! And we want to reward all the families of Edison for all the work they do for the students – whether it is helping with homework, getting them to school, volunteering in the classroom, giving money, or volunteering.  The sense of community that the Auction brings to our Edison family is tremendous… we want to continue a tradition that so many have enjoyed, in addition to raising funds that provide for all our annual programs!  That's why we set ticket prices to be "pay what you wish" - because the Auction isn't about who has the most money or what you wear; it's about showing up to celebrate our community. 


And there are so many ways to participate in the Auction, even if you can't attend the party!  You can:

Is the Auction Gala not for you? There are other ways to help raise funds for the PTA:

We are lucky at Edison to be part of such an amazing community and we so appreciate everything that EVERY parent at Edison is doing.  We can't wait to celebrate our community and support our kids at the auction.  See you there!



The Edison PTA Executive Board