Pardi Gras Numbers and Photos!
Mon, Mar 25 9:24pm
Edison Elementary

Otters!!!! The numbers are in! Our grand total is $100,400! This is beyond incredible! I am blown away and feeling so deeply grateful for all your generosity and support. What an amazing community we are a part of! We will be sharing the detailed report and breakdown at our next PTSA meeting when we do the auction debrief report. If you like to nerd-out on that kind of information like I do, please come to the PTA meeting on 4/18.


Y’all ... we have just raised over $100 grand for our students and community. I just needed to say that again. Wow!!


None of this could have happened without a phenomenal team working tirelessly for the past few months. I wanted to first thank Angela and Shelby - our auction-software dynamic duo. Our amazing decorations team who brought life and fun to the Elks Lodge - thank you SpringTeviLisa, and Debi. Huge thank you to those working on all the preliminary auction stuff: Sponsorships - Deborah; Hosted Parties - Suzanne & Megan; Class Baskets - Courtney; Gifts from the Heart - Natasha & Jen; Communications - Katie; Graphic Design (for our beautiful logo, posters, flyers, signs and programs) - SethValerie & Julie; Website - Tessa & Robb; Auction Accounting - Maria; Art Docents - JenniferRachelShalynnKimberly; Amy C. for helping Sarah and I with donations; Nancy & Holly for checking-in help; Christina for check-out help; Alainand Maurice for photography; J.J., Jason & Mark for heavy-lifting storage unit help; Eric for coming to our rescue last-minute; ShaunBrian, Seth and Mark for being our welcome/champagne crew; Gretchen and our PTA Executive Board; all the hands who helped us clean up - all the above and MariaPeterMichelleMatthewKateMichelle, Chris D.; and a big thank you to all of these people’s families for letting me have their time. Also a big thank you to our teachers for their support.


A massive thank you to Gordon for being our outstanding Pardi Gras King Auctioneer. And last, but most certainly not least ... to my amazing co-chair Sarah. You are a gem. You truly are. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 🙏💜💛💚


Lastly, I wanted to share links to the photos our talented photographers, Maurice Ramirez and Alain McLaughlin took Saturday night. 


Maurice's Photos:


To access the gallery, use the following case-sensitive password:

Gallery Password: EdisonPTA2019


Use the following 4-digit PIN to download photos:

Download PIN: 7449


Alain's Photos:


Please follow Alain's instructions below:


"To download in web and high res for easy sharing - and free of course-  they are here:

Be sure to click the image to see full photo and download any files before sharing - the previews are low res only.
And for any print orders they are here:
Thank you again everyone! What an incredible night!