Proposition 15 needs your support to pass or we will lose vital funding for Alameda schools
Thu, Oct 29 1:29pm

Dear Otter families:

Prop 15 is a simple measure: reclaim $12 billion a year in funding for our schools and communities by closing a corporate loophole in the way commercial property taxes are assessed. This is why Edison along with Bay Farm,  Alameda High School, and Encinal High School PTSAs and the California PTA have endorsed Prop 15.

Unfortunately, Prop 15 is at risk of not passing. According to the latest polling, Prop 15 is at 49% support, 42% opposed, and 9% undecided. Many people are on the fence or opposed due to an avalanche of misinformation on its impact to homeowners and small business. The truth is Prop 15 provides tax cuts to both homeowners and small business.

If Prop 15 does not pass, then we will lose all of the below benefits.

Alameda Unified schools + $5.6 million per year
City of Alameda + $7.3 million per year
Alameda County (Total) + $619 million per year
Alameda County homeowners + $351 in average yearly tax savings per homeowner
Small Business Tax Cut + $500k exemption for equipment, supplies, fixtures

How can you support Prop 15?

1. If you’re a voter, then vote “Yes” in the November 2020 election
2. Volunteer to contact voters. This is really needed now.
3. Spread the word to friends and family.


If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Susan Lindtner ( or Rohit Reddy (