Read-A-Thon - Prizes!!!
Mon, Oct 29 3:16pm
Edison Elementary

Dear Parents,


Read-A-Thon prizes are starting to go home with students today! Kindergarten and First Grade students who participated and turned in their booklets received their envelopes today with their prizes in those envelopes. Students in grades 2-5th will be getting their prizes in the next day or so.


Students who earned "Otter-Standing" prizes for the the most hours read, and most money earned will receive their prizes later this week or next.


If you know that your student participated in the Read-A-Thon but did not receive any prizes, it is because his/her booklet was not returned and we therefore did not know how many minutes he/she read. 


For more information on how well we did and how many hours our students read, please stay tuned to this week's newsletter!!


Any questions/concerns, contact me at: