Read-A-Thon Update and FAQs!
Mon, Sep 30 1:04pm

Dear Parents,

The Read-A-Thon is well underway after a fantastic kick-off assembly last week. We also have a fun night planned at Books, Inc. and Tomatina on Tuesday, October 1. The Poster Contest deadline has been extended by two days, so please drop off completed posters by Wednesday! There is a box for collecting them in the office. Check out the cute posters in the breezeway (near the lost and found) when you’re at Edison this week. We’ll be drawing poster contest winners on Thursday and Friday; winners will receive a repurposed book! We also have a Book Exchange Box in the office, so our Edison Otters can drop off books they’re finished with and take a new one.

What should you do now?

READ! Please encourage your child(ren) to read! Remember that reading to your non-readers counts! (And siblings reading to each other also counts!)

COLLECT DONATIONS! Please also start collecting donations! You and your children should ask family members, friends, neighbors – anyone with a connection to your child or family or someone who just wants to support our school. You can send emails, post on social media – whatever you would like to do! For more ideas, check out the Sponsorship Tips & Strategies section at:!

Here are answers to some recent questions I’ve been getting:

Q: What can I do if my child has lost his/her Read-A-Thon booklet or poster contest sheet?

A: A limited number of extra copies in the school office. Please ask Nicci.


Q: Does reading in school count?

A: If your child is reading during recess or free choice, yes, the reading counts. However, reading during class instruction time does not count.


Q: Does reading to my child count?

A: ABSOLUTELY -- every minute counts!


Q: Whom should my child ask to be a sponsor?

A: Sponsors can be parents, relatives, neighbors --- anyone who has a connection to your child, would like to support his or her reading, and would like to support our school. This is our PTA’s major fundraiser where it is easy to ask extended family and friends to sponsor and donate to our school.


Q: How much money should a sponsor donate?

A: That is up to the sponsor. All donations should be flat donations.


Q: When should the money be collected from sponsors?

A: Donations are collected up front. Students should collect donation at the time they ask for it and secure all donations in the Read-A-Thon envelope. Checks should be written to the “Edison PTA”. Canceled checks can serve as a tax-deditible donation receipt or families may print one from our website to give to their donors. The Edison PTA Tax ID number is 94-6172011.


Q: Can sponsors donate online?

A: Yes! Sponsors should go to our website at: and click on “Donate Now!”. They will then be prompted to input information such as donation amount, their name and the student’s name. (Paypal is not currently set up to send out alerts to let you know that a donation has been made in the name of your student, so it’s best if people can let you know if they have made a donation.)


Q: Can I tell the amount of an online donation that has been made for my child?

A: Unfortunately, Paypal is not set up for this, so the best way for you to find this information out is to ask the donor. If you would rather not do that, please put a note in the booklet that says “online donation” - with a guess of the amount (indicate “ESTIMATE” or something like that) - and we can figure out the amount at the end of Read-A-Thon.