Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up!
Wed, Nov 28 4:32pm
Edison Elementary

Dear Edison Otter Parents,


Numbers are in for our Read-A-Thon fundraiser … in our record breaking year, we have raised $35,357!!!! This about $3,500 more than we have ever made in the past!


Our students did an amazing amount of reading this year. 74% of our students participated in the Read-A-Thon (this # is based on Read-A-Thon booklets being turned in. It is highly likely the percentage of participants is higher!)  Collectively, our students read 4,793 hours! That’s almost 200 days of reading!


On average, the grade that BOTH read the most minutes and raised the most money is 3rd grade! Amazing job 3rd Graders!!!! Below this message you will find more specific information on our Read-A-Thon winners. All prizes have now been distributed – including the water bottle prizes for those who raised $150 or more.


This fundraising event could not run itself, and so I have to thank the Read-A-Thon committee and the PTA Executive Board for all their support, with special thanks to Shelby Morita-Fowler, Lisa Siskind, Debi Ryan, Tevi Schwartz, Michelle Labrador, Catherine Leupp, Spring Steinbach, Pam Luo, and Christina Tuazon.


While this is my 1st year leading the Read-A-Thon, it is my 2nd year serving as Fundraising Chair for the Edison PTA and once I again, I have to say how blown away I am at how generous the Edison families are and how much you all are willing to help out to make our school the best it can be for our children. With 3 kids still at Edison, I remain ever so grateful I am to be a part of this community! The money raised will go directly to supporting Edison PTA and all the programs, etc. that go to enriching our children’s education. Thank you all so very much!


 Last but not least, we are looking for someone to take over as the Read-A-Thon chair (organizer). Please let myself, Gretchen, Jeanine or any other PTA board member know if you are interested or have any questions. 


Gratefully Yours,





Read-A-Thon Winners:


Class that raised the most money: Soria-Kevy

Grade that raised the money: 3rd Grade – $6,800


Class that read the most (or was read to the most): Flanagan

Grade that read the most (or was read to the most): 5th Grade – 1050 hours (3rd grade was very close)


Kindergarten – over $150 raised:


Dhilan Gerke

Max Leupp

Zoey Siskind

Micah Cattaneo

Frederick Garris

Beckett Johnson

Theo Lok

Quinn Martinson

Josephine Navarro

Silas Onorato

Chloe Rokutanzano

Alessa Archiaga Arias

Noah Edson

Jane Grunt

Charlie Leupp

Colin Morris

Nate Thomas

Charles Varner


*Josephine Navarro – raised the most in all of Kindergarten - $625



Kindergarten – Most minutes read (or read to) (per class):


Dunn Ruiz:

Dhilan Gerke

Max Leupp

Zoey Siskind



Frederick Garris

Silas Onorato

Rubye Pucci


Soria Kevy:

Alessa Archiaga Arias

Colin Morris

Charles Varner

*Frederick Garris – read (or was read to) the most in all of Kindergarten – 20.5 hour

1st Grade – Over $150 raised:


Tara Manjhi

Anton Sargent

Zurich Vannaro

Eleanor Iyer

Tessa Kernan

Mikaela Kneer

Lucian Nelson

AJ Zhang

Oslo Dunbar

Blake Fowler

Olivia Hart

Brooklyn Lopez


*Eleanor Iyer – raised the most in all of 1st Grade - $600


1st Grade – Most minutes read (per class):



Benito Depizzol

Noah Morris

Sophia Randecker



Eleanor Iyer

Lucian Nelson

Tessa Kernan



Oslo Dunbar

Adrienne Fong

Olivia Hart


*Oslo Dunbar – read the most in all of 1st Grade – 23.5 hours


2nd Grade – Over $150 raised:


Mira McCalmont

Gertie Novak

Audrey Rowe

Scarlett Wagner

Zoe Chiu

Kyra Deskin

Esme Haley Nelson

Leonel Larrimore

Isaac Lee

Eli Sidranstone

Ina Zuschlag

Zoe Butterfield

Maya Dunn Ruiz

Eleanor Meyer

Abby Rome

Kai Seltzer

Hannah Sidranstone

Tessa Stolp


*Kai Seltzer – raised the most in all of 2nd Grade - $550


2nd Grade – Most minutes read (per class):



Aria Cazarez

Eleanor Detlefs

Xinxing Li


Del Rosario:

Zoe Chiu

Isaac Lee

Tim Liskovets



Abby Rome

Aidan Roza

Kai Seltzer


*Isaac Lee – read the most in all of 2nd Grade – 24 hours


3rd Grade – Over $150 raised:


Rhys Cagan Glick

Zoe Lerner

Marco Puccini

Sophia Brito

Zachary Davis

Henry Hamlin

Beatrice Koeneke

Nathan Picetti

Zach Siskind

Milla Gleason

Ellie Ryan

Violet Steinbach

Louisa Varner


*Henry Hamlin – raised the most in all of 3rd Grade - $642


3rd Grade – Most minutes read (per class):



Zoe Lerner

Una Mall-Mooney

Marco Puccini



Sophia Brito

Henry Hamlin

Lily McGowan



Ella Parker

Louisa Varner

Nailah Hill Brown


*Ella Parker – read the most in all of 3rd Grade – 51.50 hours


4th Grade – Over $150 raised:


Wesley Butterfield

Cassie Huddleson

Rachel Konecky

Tyler Long

Timothy Marcais

Kaela Morris

Colin Taggart

Max Wagner

Talia Ackiron

Aidan Fielding

Carson Lopez


*Aidan Fielding – raised the most in all of 4th Grade - $535


4th Grade – Most minutes read (per class):



Stephanie Belk

Rachel Konecky

Sabrina McLaughlin



Rishika Basnet – Carpenter

Alys Cochrane

Clark Guo



Lucas Lager

Maya Schrager

Juliet Tanner


*Rishika Basnet – Carpenter – read the most in all of 4th Grade – 36 hours


5th Grade – Over $150 raised:


Will Cooper

Siri Klingelhofer

Joby Overton

Makayla Peddy

Natalie Clinton

Naomi Seche

Emery Urquhart

Magnolia King

Sebi Berchesi

Lily Stolp

Jon Thomas


*Magnolia King – raised the most in all of 5th Grade - $350


5th Grade – Most minutes read:



Ellie Zhong

Dylan Leung

Vivian Bridgman



Holly Becker

Fiona Hammond

Vivian Loving



Abby Guo

Natalie Lu

Jon Thomas & Magnolia King


*Ellie Zhong – read the most in all of 5th Grade – 86 hours