Read-A-Thon is a Wrap!
Tue, Oct 8 5:20pm

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your support during the Read-A-Thon! It is really gratifying and exciting to see how much enthusiasm our Edison Otters have for reading and supporting their school. What a fun way to begin the year! 

Here are a few updates now that the Read-A-Thon has concluded:

  • Packets: Thanks so much to the families who gave their yellow Read-A-Thon envelopes back to their teachers! If your child was absent on Monday or forgot to return the envelope, please send it in this week. 

  • Posters: Read-A-Thon posters are hanging in the breezeway, so find your Otter’s poster when you’re on campus! They are very cheerful and brighten up the space. And congratulations to our Kindergarten Otters who contributed far more posters than any other grade! 

  • Prizes: We expect to have tallied up all the hours read and donations received by early next week, so hope to have prizes ready for the students later that week!

Keep your eyes open for more Read-A-Thon updates soon!