Support Your Student during Edison's 10th Annual Read-a-Thon
Wed, Sep 28 9:38am
Edison's 10th annual Read-A-Thon began earlier this week with this year's theme: Bookopoly! The Read-a-Thon is a PTA-sponsored event with the dual goals of encouraging students to read and raising funds for student programs. More details are available at   
The most important thing you can do today is set up a Pledgestar account for your student. The Pledgestar account is important for 2 reasons:
1. 📚📈 Tracking Reading Encourage your student to read every day and track their reading using Pledgestar. Tracking reading minutes allows kids to be eligible for awesome prizes (like mini golf at Subpar!) and helps them visualize/quantify their progress. 
2. 💸 🏫 Raising Money.  Help your student reach out to family and friends to ask for support. Getting your student involved in asking loved ones to support their reading goals can provide motivation and accountability. And, of course, there are prizes: ice cream! otter pins! 
Additional details were provided in the packets sent home with all students on Monday, 9/26 and are available here.  If you have questions or want to support Read-A-Thon efforts, reach out to Elaine Cline, Serena Hom, or Charlise Tiee.  
The Read-A-Thon runs until Tuesday, October 11th. Happy Reading! 
The Edison PTA
P.S.  If you need another copy of the Bookopoly game board tracker (so your student can track on paper and do the Railroad Bonuses), please click here. 
P.P.S. To learn more about how the PTA uses the money it raises through efforts like Read-A-Thon, visit