THANK You!!!! (And come get your stuff 💜💚💛)
Sun, Mar 24 12:47am
Edison Elementary

Thank you Edison Family for supporting the auction, coming to the party, and helping us fundraise for our kids! Preliminary numbers show we are in a record-breaking year! Super exciting!! Stay tuned for the final #s!!

I had such a great time seeing you all and happy I got a chance to chat with many of you at the Pardi.

I have a couple more things to ask of you:

1. Please come to the Elks Lodge tomorrow morning between 10AM and 12PM to check out and pick up your items. This is for those who either purchased ONLINE or were at the event.

2. There are a few more slots remaining in various hosted parties and gifts from the heart. We will leave these on our online auction. Please consider purchasing!

Thank you thank you!!

Monica & Auction Team