The Edison Bike Elf!
Edison Elementary

The Bike Elf is back!

Starting this Monday (September 18th) and running through Wednesday the 27th, the Edison Bike Elf will be returning to our campus and creating mischief at the bike cage and bike rack, tying colorful ribbons to each bike and scooter. Students who successfully collect 5 or more ribbons will be invited to a fun event to make and enjoy a smoothie using pedal power!



Q. What if I bring my child's bike/scooter home directly after drop-off?

A. You will need to stop by the Bike Cage and have a Bike Elf tie a ribbon onto your student's handlebars.


Q: Do I leave ribbons on the bike?
A: Yes! Please don't remove them so we can see when your student has 5. (Feel free to remove ribbons from previous years to help us out!)
Q: Should I leave on the tag?
A: Students get a tag with their first ribbon to explain the event. Feel free to remove the paper--but please leave the ribbon.


Q. How will my child know if they qualify for the Bike Blender Smoothie party?

A. If your student earns 5 ribbons you will see a tag on their handlebars requesting you fill in their name and room number (likely on one of the last few days of the event).  Please complete and leave the tag on their handlebars.  They will receive an invitation to the smoothie party from their teacher once a date has been set.


Q. What if my child switches between a bike and scooter and gets ribbons on both?

A. Just let a Bike Elf know or send a picture  of the handlebars to the Walk & Roll Committee Chair through Konstella.


Q. When will the smoothie party be held?

A. It will be held during recess at a future date in October.  We need to reserve the Bike Blender from Safe Routes to Schools so it depends on availability.