The Read-A-Thon Results are IN!!
Mon, Oct 21 3:40pm

The Read-A-Thon Results are IN!!


The Read-A-Thon recently wrapped up and the Edison PTA Fundraising Committee would like to thank all of the students, teachers, and staff for making the event such a success! We would also like to thank the Read-A-Thon committee for all their hard work and especially thank Anne Warren for leading!


The numbers are in!


- 326 students participated in the read-a-thon by returning their read-a-thon envelopes, which is 70% of all Edison students!

- $33,511.00 in donations were raised to support our awesome school in so many ways!

- 4,355 hours were read by Edison students over the course of 14 days!


The first graders had the highest participation rate (84% of first graders) and they raised the most money -- $9,000, which was **much, much** more than any other grade! Kindergarteners did really great, too -- with the second highest donations -- $6,400 -- and the second graders had nearly as much as well! The third, fourth, and fifth graders **really** pulled through with **by far** the most reading -- about 900 hours read in each grade! 


Thank you again to all the Edison students, faculty, and staff for making the Read-A-Thon so fun.


Next Up: Duct taping Mr. Sahakian to the wall! As a special prize, Mr. Sahakian has graciously volunteered to be duct-taped to the wall by the Read-A-Thon participants at tomorrow’s community meeting. Parents interested in watching the activity in action are welcome to stick around (pun intended) the blacktop after dropping off the children. We also will need some parent volunteers to cut duct tape for the kids, so please bring scissors and look for Anne if you can lend a hand!


Thank you again to all the volunteers who made the Read-A-Thon so Successful!