The Read-A-Thon Results are IN!! (*Almost Final) :-)
Thu, Oct 29 5:58pm


The Read-A-Thon wrapped up last week and the Edison PTA Fundraising Committee would like to thank all of the students, parents, teachers, and staff for making the event such a success! We know it's a difficult time for families to take on anything extra, so we are very grateful to those who participated this year! AND IN RECOGNITION OF THIS, ALL EDISON STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATED WILL RECEIVE AN ICE CREAM CERTIFICATE TO TUCKER'S! 


The numbers are in!

168 students participated in the read-a-thon by recording time reading in their logs or fundraising! The 2nd graders had a whopping 43 students participate, followed by 27 students in 1st grade. Way to go, 1st and 2nd graders!


$40,663 in donations were raised to support our awesome school in so many ways! The 2nd graders raised the most in donations -- $10,649! And the kindergarteners were a close second with $8,587! 


1,978 hours were read by Edison students over the course of 15 days! Second graders and kindergarteners also had the most students reach their grades' reading goals (10 hours and 8 hours, respectively): 21 second graders and 16 kindergarteners reached those goals!


We would like to recognize the following students for being a top reader or top fundraiser in their grade! 



- Top 2 fundraisers in kindergarten: Rosalie Bernstein and Amelia Kania

- Top 3 readers in each kindergarten class: Rosalie Bernstein, Kate Briggs, Isla Cagan Glick, Pierce Chi, Jackson Guarnieri, Tatum Huang, Amelia Kania, Luca Puccini, Isabella Rosales Zuranich, Cecilia Wallis, and Maisie Wozniak


1st grade:

- Top 2 fundraisers in 1st grade: Mae Parker and Theo Tiee-Grieder

- Top 3 readers in each 1st grade class: Lola Antor, Alessandra Arechiga Arias, Anna Brito, Carina Clover, Aoife Haley Nelson, Vivian Hart, Charlie Iyer, Ellie Kuhlmann, Annamika Rajaram, Noah Sweeney, and Theo Tiee-Grieder


2nd grade:

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 2nd grade: Noah Cline and Will Hoadley-Wetstone

  - Top 3 readers in each 2nd grade class: Noah Cline, Lucas Dragotta, Frederick Garris, Will Hoadley-Wetstone, Chase Huang, Lenora King, Charlie Leupp, Max Leupp, Julia Loeffler-Siu, Quinn Martinson, and Chloe Rokutanzono 


3rd grade:

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 3rd grade: Oslo Dunbar and Blake Fowler

  - Top 3 readers in each 3rd grade class: Anna Diaz, Oslo Dunbar, Blake Fowler, Olivia Hart, Eleanor Iyer, Mikaela Kneer, Olivia Lager, Leila Melbourne, Anton Sargent, Adeline Searcy, and Dylan Sloan


4th grade:

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 4th grade: Mira McCalmont and Thomas Merritt

  - Top 3 readers in each 4th grade class: Zoe Chiu, Maya Dunn-Ruiz, Isaac Lee, Mira McCalmont, Thomas Merritt, Eli Sidranstone, Hannah Sidranstone, Layla Sweeney, and Breanna Xu


5th grade:

  - Top 2 fundraisers in 5th grade: Rhyal Dunsany and Louisa Varner

  - Top 3 readers in each 5th grade class: Sophia Brito, Rhys Cagan Glick, Zachary Davis, Rhyal Dunsany, Milla Gleason, Ginger Jensen, Una Mall-Mooney, Ella Parker, Ellie Ryan, Zach Siskind, and Keane Sweeney


There are still some checks and corporate matches that we know we'll be trickling in, so those amounts have been counted toward each student's total donation raised. 


Prizes will be distributed in the next week -- please keep an eye out for an email about when/where to pick up prizes! This year's prizes are mostly gift certificates to local Alameda businesses so that we can keep PTA funds on our island.


Next Up: Mr. Sahakian has promised a silly video to celebrate the Edison community surpassing our fundraising goal of $35,000 for read-a-thon this year -- by nearly $6,000!!!


Thank you to the Read-A-Thon committee for all the hard work and especially to Anne Warren for leading! And a very special thank you to Maria van Lieshout for donating an amazing read-a-thon kick-off assembly video and Brian Fowler and Ingrid Dragotta for working on

graphic design.  


* Books Inc. amount raised is still forth-coming.

*** Prizes will be ready for pick-up on Sunday (subject to change). Please stay tuned!



Thank you again to all the families who made the Read-A-Thon so Successful!


In Gratitude for Reading and all of YOU!