Ticket Sales DELAYED for Spring Auction & Gala
Tue, Jan 17 7:53am


Ticket sales for this year's Spring Auction and Gala (March 25th) have been delayed due to a technical glitch with the website. (We're disappointed, too!) We'll let you know as soon as we're ready to start selling.

As always, more information about the Spring Auction and Gala can be found at https://edisonpta.org/fundraising/spring-auction/

But while we have your attention... let us tell you about one way you can support the Spring Auction and Gala: Hosted Parties! Hosted Parties are an essential part of the Edison auction. They are fun, popular and a great opportunity to meet other families in a social setting.  Whether you host a party or sign up to come to a party, you are sure to have a fantastic time.

What are Hosted Parties?

👉🏽They are hosted by parents or a group of parents

👉🏽They can be at your home, in your yard, at a venue, or in nature

👉🏽They don’t need to be elaborate, but they can be!

👉🏽Hosts decide if it’s for kids, adults, or a combo

👉🏽They are sold at a fixed price. Generally, they range from $40-75pp for adult parties and $20-35pp for kids. If you think the price should be higher due to adult beverages, that works.

👉🏽The hosts cover all party expenses and 100% of the funds raised by the event benefit our school programs. 

👉🏽They are being managed by Claire Saccoccini, clairepotel@gmail.com

Hosted Party ideas are:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Jedi Academy
  • Pizza-making or Cake decorating or Jewelry making
  • Wine and Beer Tasting
  • Home Concerts
  • Themed Dinners (Gnocchi making party, pizza oven parties, girls & bubbles…)
  • Rock band introduction for young ones
  • Pool party & Margaritas
  • Learn French basics while sipping on French wines
  • High Tea Party (We have an experienced Host looking to pass the torch)

Here’s how:

  1. Plan any type of party, activity, or get-together for any number of kids, adults, or families in the Edison School community.
  2. Email your Hosted Party idea to clairepotel@gmail.com & cc auction@edisonpta.org as soon as possible.
  3. Or you can directly submit your idea in this Google form. Our contact, Claire Saccoccini, will read it and get in touch if we need any more details.


  •   Event name, brief description, location, and date
  •   Host name(s), emails, and phone numbers
  •   Maximum number of people who can attend
  •   The suggested price for the event
  •   Fun visuals if you have any, that always helps!

Like to host, but don’t have an idea or co-host?

We will connect you with a party that needs co-hosts!

Please direct all questions and offers to clairepotel@gmail.com and cc: auction@edisonpta.org.

Thank you!

Claire Saccocini (Hosted Party Coordinator) and the 2023 Edison Auction Team