Want to Learn More About Volunteer Opportunities? Sign Up for a Committee
Tue, Aug 30 4:51pm

Edison families,


For folks looking for ways to support the Edison community, consider joining a committee on Konstella to find out more about a wide range of volunteer opportunities. 


Don't be scared!


Joining a committee might sound like a big commitment. But in reality, it simply means signing up to receive updates about relevant volunteer opportunities (e.g.,  Go Green, Diversity and Inclusion, Day at the Beach, etc.).  You can then decide how much or how little time you can commit.  And it is easy to "withdraw" from a committee if you change your mind. 


Instructions for how to join a committee on Konstella are attached. 



Edison PTA


P.S. No time to volunteer? No problem.  You can support Edison in other ways! We encourage all Edison families to pay $15 and join the PTA: https://edisonpta.org/membership/