Description:  Coordinate website changes, ordering and sales of Edison gear (t-shirts, etc)


Number of chairs: 2

  • Oversees any merchandise updates to the Otterwear Cafepress website, such as adding the logo to new items, and editing what's available for purchase. This can one or two hours, usually once or twice every three months. 
  • Is present at most PTA events to sell merchandise. (This excludes PTA meetings.)  (One to three hours for each event.)
  • Is present before and after school periodically to sell merchandise, when scheduling permits. (One hour total each month.)
  • Attends PTA meetings
  • Modifies Otterwear budget as needed
  • Places custom/bulk orders of Otterwear for purchase at school. (Reimbursement through PTA from Otterwear budget.)


General volunteer needs:

  • Otterwear committee members will assist the chairperson with any of the duties listed, when needed. 

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