Description: Annual student-involved fundraising event, where students have the option to participate in a structured and enthusiastic schoolwide event, tracking their minutes read while raising critical funds for the school.

Number of chairs: 1-2

General volunteer needs: Additional help is very needed on a variety of tasks, from championing the event in classrooms, to monitoring minutes read and money raised, to designing, developing and printing materials – volunteers are critical to maximizing dollars raised!


** The 10th Annual Read-A-Thon is taking place on Sep 28 - Oct 11, 2022 **


This year's theme is "Bookopoly – Go, Read, Win!"  We will have a number of fun and exciting activities to promote the joy of reading with our students while encouraging them to help raise money for our school.   Some of the events are:


  • Reading challenges to complete along the Bookopoly board during the 2-week period to earn prizes
  • Shop & Donate events with local businesses such as Books, Inc Tomatina and Tuckers 
  • A surprise event with Mr. Sahakian if we meet our fundraising goal at the end of the 2 weeks (i.e. last year’s Mr Sahakian Workout Challenge, or 2019’s taping of Mr Sahakian to the wall)

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Committee Chair Signed Up: 3 / 6

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Committee Member Signed Up: 23 / 50

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