Youth Enrichment Committee
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Committee Chair Signed Up: 0 / 2

Coordinate where necessary Youth Enrichment activities, providing support to area leads. Ensure funding is secured for YE activities and report via email or at PTA meetings on proposed or completed activities.
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Art Docent Lead Signed Up: 0 / 4

Responsible for providing guidance to the art docents as needed, seeing that the materials and lessons are available and coordinating key art events throughout the year including: Auction Art for the annual fundraising gala, the Art Show at Open House and the 5th Grade School Beautification project.
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After School Enrichment Lead/AEF Liaison Signed Up: 0 / 2

Coordinate and publicize AEF enrichment classes at Edison.
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Assemblies and Field Trips Lead Signed Up: 0 / 1

Collaborate with teachers and parents to plan assemblies and field trips that coincide with classroom curriculum. Assemblies volunteer should meet three times a year and divide up for one volunteer to plan each month. Assist teachers when needed in supporting field trips through funding and volunteer requests. Help coordinate NatureBridge Field Trip.
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STEAM Lead Signed Up: 0 / 1

Coordinate the efforts of parent, teacher and school staff representatives research and help implement STEM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics) enrichment in and out of the classroom.
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Garden Science Lead Signed Up: 1 / 3

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