Konstella Directory 2021-2022
Mon, Aug 30 2:22pm
Hello Eldredge Families!
Konstella (www.Konstella.com) will continue to be our school directory platform this year. The more families that load their information in, the better the directory will be for all.
The Eldredge Konstella account with last year's classes was just archived (2020-2021) in preparation for this coming year (2021-2022).
Apologies to those of you who had already assigned your child to their new class for this upcoming year (2021-2022)  (and also a big Thank You for using Konstella!!). ***You will have to log back on and re-assign them***
Current Konstella users who have yet to log in this year, please assign your child to their new class, and update any new contact info. This will create a better directory for all. Thank you!!