School Store
Fri, Jan 19 11:30am-1:30pm
Eldredge Elementary School
The Eldredge PTG is hosting the first School Store of 2024 on Friday, January 19th, during lunch recess. If your student would like to shop at the store, please ensure they have some spending money with them on Friday.
What is the school store The school store is a fun way for students to buy small-ticket items. Think Dollar Store or small toys, pop-its, pens, erasers, party favors, etc.  
When? Each class will have a chance to visit the "store" during recess.
How much? Items range from $0.50 - $3. Cash is preferred, but you can send your child in with a check made out to Eldredge PTG.
Who? This is completely optional; the kids get excited for it, and it is a small fundraiser for the PTG.  
What if we miss this one? Don't worry, there will be another one next month! The plan is to have one per month..
Thank you! 
The Eldredge PTG