What to Expect from the Color Run
Mon, Apr 29 11:19am

It’s Color Run week and there is a lot of excitement from the students! Please see below for some important information on what to expect from the run. 


What is the Eldredge Color Run?

The Eldredge Color Run is this year’s ONLY PTG fundraiser, taking place on 05/02/2024. Some may remember an annual donation request from the PTG. We no longer do this request nor do we hold any other type of fundraiser throughout the year so it’s very important we go all-out this week. 

Families will be getting donations for the laps their student completes at the Eldredge Color Run. Funds raised from this event go toward curriculum enrichment programs and school improvements! Our goal is to raise $24,000.


How can families register their student(s)?

First, families log in or sign up on MYBOOSTER.COM. Then, families can register their student as a participant on MYBOOSTER.COM by searching for the school by name.


How can students get donations?

Families can help connect students to sponsors by sharing their fundraising link on Facebook, through email, or even a text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those donations online through students’ fundraising link!


Will students receive rewards?

Yes! Each classroom is working together unlock classroom privileges as they reach various milestones.  Think extra recess, movie days and other popular classroom incentives. 


How do sponsors pay?

Sponsors will be prompted to pay online for all donations, even per lap donations. Sponsors will receive an email after the Eldredge Color Run with the amount of their payment based on how many laps were completed.


Can I make a donation if I don’t want to pay online?

YES! You can send in cash or checks made payable to Eldredge PTG in an envelope marked ATTN Sarah Brennan.   Please include your student’s class name in the Memo so appropriate credit can be given to the class. 


Where will the color run take place?

We will be running on an outdoor “track” set up in the large field in front of the school. The Booster folks will arrive at the school early on the morning of the 2nd to set everything up. Parent volunteers will be “throwing” (gently tossing) color powder made mainly of cornstarch at students during specific times during the run. Note: there will be accommodations for any students with a sensory concern or who simply don’t want to be blasted with color. The color will be gently blown off students prior to returning into the school building. (Booster team will bring blowers and the PTG will have wipes available, if needed.) The colored powder will NOT be tossed at the students’ faces.


What is the schedule for the day?

The color run schedule is outlined below.

Grade 5 :12:15 - 1:05

Grade 4: 1:15 - 2:05

Grade 3: 2:15 -3:05


Will parents be present?

YES! We will need 12 volunteers from each grade level to toss the color and cheer on our runners (there will be pom poms!!) A signup sheet has been posted on Konstella for this. Volunteers will need to have a current BCI on file.  You may also sign up to be a spectator for the event on Konstella!


What should my student wear for the color run event?

Eldredge Spirit T-Shirts for students and teachers will be provided the morning of the run. Students can either change into the Eldredge t-shirt OR wear it over the shirt that they’ve worn to school that day. The colored powder will be gently blown off the students immediately following the run. If there is any residue on their spirit shirt, it will wash clean.

Students do not need to wear any protective face gear. The color will be gently tossed at their T-shirt and lower part of their body.


What is the colored powder made from?

The colored powder is primarily cornstarch. If you have allergy concerns, please reach out.

The color is non-toxic and kid / allergy friendly.


What will students be doing in the classroom to prepare for the event?

The Fun Run program includes daily character videos for students to be shown in the classroom. Each video is approximately 6-10 minutes long and may be shown at a time of the teachers’ choosing.


Will there be water at the event?

We strongly suggest students bring their water bottles to the run. There will not be additional water at the event.


How will we use the funds?

Eldredge is a VERY supportive community and in recent years we have raised over $17,000 annually from the Fun Run/Dance-A-Thon. Last year these funds were used for teacher grants, school improvements and other student enrichment (like Solar Eclipse glasses!). The same is planned for funds raised during this year’s color run.

If you have suggestions, we’d like to hear about it!


Who can I speak to with additional questions?

Sarah Brennan (sbriggs04@gmail.com) or Brian Clement (bclement134@gmail.com) .  We're happy to take any questions!