room parents picked tonight
Tue, Sep 19 10:20pm

Hi All,


We had our first PTG meeting tonight and we picked room parents for each of the classes.  Most of the classes have 2 homeroom parents.  The homeroom parent(s) acts as a liaison  between the teacher and the other parents in the class.  If you are not a homeroom parent, but would still like to help, please let your homeroom rep know.  


Below, please find a list of the people that volunteered and were picked for homeroom parent.


If your name is not on the list and you still want to help in child's classroom, please contact your homeroom parent.  




3rd Grade:

Miss Iannuccilli -- Laura Santilli and Donnah Plante

Ms. Mullen -- Danielle Mediana and Sabrina Pope

Mrs. Anastasi -- Ann Diver Diehl and Valerie Knight

Ms. Peduto -- Kristen Carron and Carylynn Prey


4th Grade:

Mrs. Ratigan -- Michele Claeson and Karyn Hill

Ms. Mernick -- Holly Kuznar

Ms. Hadfield -- Terri Finkelstein, Howie Faunce and Stephanie Elevado

Ms. Marcotte -- Sarah Meleski


5th Grade:

Ms. Urin -- Judy Hart and Denise Lopez

Ms. Kelly -- Betsy Auliscio and Donnah Plante

Ms. Annicelli -- Kelly Orr

Ms. Wildenhein -- Stephanie Grady and Amy Shields