Breaking News...Agreement reached = SPECIAL MEETING TONIGHT at 7 pm
Tue, Apr 16 7:18am
Escondido Elementary
Dear Escondido Families,
Below was sent to all the PTA Presidents at 1:48 am, and I am forwarding as is.  If you have questions please contact Superintendent Dr. Don Austin.  On behalf of the PTA, thank you to all the parents for your support and letter campaign.
Christine Klenow, Escondido PTA President
Breaking news... 
Here is the long awaited mitigation agreement that our Superintendent Dr. Don Austin negotiated on PAUSD's behalf with Stanford University on the Stanford University General Use Permit, a.k.a. "the GUP."
For your convenience, first see below a summary (***cut and pasted directly from the Board Meeting Agenda***) and then read the full text of the contract, provided as an attachment. 


Stanford and PAUSD will partner to create an innovative space where students and faculty from the two institutions will expand their collaboration. Stanford will pay associated construction and furnishing costs up to $15 million for the project on PAUSD property to be determined at a later date.


For 40 years from the date a development agreement between the County and Stanford is approved and final, Stanford will pay PAUSD $5,800 for each new student enrolled in the district who lives in tax-exempt housing on the Stanford campus or elsewhere if the housing satisfies a condition of the 2018 GUP, over the number of students enrolled in district schools who lived in tax-exempt housing on the Stanford campus as of the 2019-20 school year.


A 2 percent increase will be made annually to the per-pupil rate to account for inflation during each of the first 20 years, followed by a 2 percent decline from years 21 through 40 to a minimum of $5,800.


This will provide an estimated $121.9 million in operational support to the school district over the length of the agreement, assuming a growth of275 students in the fourth year and a total of 500 in years 10 and beyond. Firm numbers are not available until Stanford University reaches a Development Agreement with Santa Clara County to determine the number of housing units required for approval.


Stanford will provide or fund $500,000 of capital improvements to Safe Routes to Schools.


The district will make every effort to accommodate students living in housing generated by the GUP at Nixon and Escondido Elementary Schools. Stanford will contribute up to $1 million toward facility expansion or materials expenses generated by this accommodation.


Three years before the General Use Permit ends, Stanford and PAUSD will meet to explore the possibility of a school site in the City of Palo Alto along Sand Hill Road. Discussions may involve an exchange of land, location, timing, and other factors.


Representatives of Stanford and PAUSD will meet annually to discuss the implementation of this agreement, collaboration opportunities, and the timing and location of new housing that may affect district enrollment.


PAUSD will not oppose Stanford’s General Use Permit application and will not pursue any lawsuits related to the approval of the 2018 General Use Permit and associated county approvals.




Tonight, there is a special PAUSD Board of Education meeting at 7 p.m. to discuss the very terms of this contract. If you are available, please make every effort to attend and listen in. We encourage you to attend tonight's meeting, even for 10-15 minutes, as a showing of support. 
We would like to thank all of our PTA Presidents for your strong advocacy and letter writing campaign efforts at your schools. We could not have gotten here without your dedicated, generous, and consistent efforts in self-education, facilitation, and school rally coordination. We are indebted to members of the PTAC Stanford GUP Committee, PTA Council Executive Board, 6th District PTA, and the County Board of Supervisors for their guidance. We additionally thank our amazing community partners from PiE, CSEA, PAEA, PACPC, SCOPE, and City of Palo Alto/Safe Routes To Schools on a very impressive and collaborative effort. 
We look forward to seeing great collaboration between PAUSD and neighboring Stanford University for many years to come.
Thank you for advocating for all our children. Jade


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