Cast Assignments have been sent - Check your In Box - Parents need to Proof info
Sun, Jan 13 12:35pm
Escondido Elementary

ATTENTION:  Performers and MCs ---A detail-packed email has been sent to each Registered student, announcing assigned casts.  If your student auditioned, and you haven't received the email, please check the listings below, and contact immediately


Cast A:


Cast B:


  • Find your child's name, act, song. 
  • Confirm we have spelled everything correctly.  
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRECTING your child's information on this Google doc.  This information will be used for the program printed and distributed at the door of the show.
  • This is not the order of the show, show order reviewed and numbers distributed at rehearsals.
  • We have noted if we still need: music file, name of a song or name of group.  Please fill-in any missing details for your child's act. 
  • Corrections & Additions are Due by this Tuesday, Jan 15.
  • If you are unable to access the doc, or you are unable to make the changes, then email corrections to:
  • Recorded music is needed by Tuesday, Jan 15.  Please add the digital music file to the Google Folder:
  • We must have all recorded music to create the show order for the Tech Crew.  


DATES to Know - Rehearsals and Show-Times:
** 5th Grade MCs from both Casts, have MC Rehearsal tomorrow, Monday, Jan 14 -  2:45-4:30 pm 
Tickets for the shows will go on sale Tuesday, January 22 .  
  • We will sell before and after school, and after dress rehearsals.  
  • $10/adult and $5/child  
  • Limited tickets sold at the door of the shows.
  • It is highly recommend to buy in advance, we have sold out the shows the last five years.


Thank you!