Cones comment on the COOL-STUFF provided by PTA
Wed, Aug 29 12:24pm
Escondido Elementary


What do our COOL-CONES have to say about the PTA...

Scroll down and click on video to find out more! 


The PTA provides field trips, teacher grants, events and services.  


Give What You Can. 


Every contribution, no matter the size, will receive a scoop for their classroom cone poster.


Complete the One-Check Form, click here and print another copy then submit to Office with payment by Friday, September 7th.  

Or you can get a copy from the Office.  Extra BTS packets are available


Donate online with credit card or Paypal:


Please submit the One-Check form, even if you donated via PayPal. The One-Check form helps us confirm your details and manage our records.  


Thank you,

Direct Appeal Team

P.S.  The video is Unlisted on YouTube.  It is only accessible via Konstella members with the link.