Country Booths Still Needed for Escondido's International Fair on Friday, May 4th from 5:30-8pm!
Thu, Apr 12 5:46pm
Escondido Elementary


There's still time!  Country Booths Needed for Escondido's incredible International Fair on Friday, May 4th from 5:30-8pm. So far, we have 16 countries represented and we'd love to get to at least 20.  


Hosting a Country Booth is a great way to celebrate Escondido’s tradition of having ‘friends around the world’.


Hosting is as easy as decorating a booth, providing fun and interesting information about the Country you wish to represent and potentially providing a small food sample.


Feel free to host a booth by yourself, as a group, or we can pair you with others. If interested please sign up here TODAY on Google docs or copy and paste this URL in your browser:

If you have any questions about hosting a Country booth, please email Kristin Chandler at